The aspect of Multi-Tasking isn’t a simple thing. For quiet, sometimes business people were not able to consolidate numerous on-demand services when it comes to smooth all-encompassing functioning. Then came Gojek where every on-demand service like handyman, food delivery and transportation were available from a single app. It was predictable that Gojek became a phenomenal success as users embraced this application. This was because every type of on-demand services was accessible with a single tap.

Speaking of services, Gojek and other such multi-services apps offer Transportation, Food-Delivery, Courier Delivery and Hyper-Local services, to name a few. Seeing the massive success of Gojek, a lot of small-scale enterprises wanted to do something to replicate it. Furthermore, some entrepreneurs were also facing difficulties when it came to encompass all such on-demand services under a single roof.

This is where Gojek Clone Apps came into the picture as a saviour. They are economical in pricing and technologically more advanced than similar apps that are coded from the ground up. These Gojek clones can also be developed and released in a short period. The end benefits are that the entrepreneur can generate commission related to each service in the app, and the ROI increases by leaps and bounds. This idea played a significant role in helping a lot of leading enterprises to amass billion dollars overnight.

What more? Even you can get a readymade Gojek clone app to kick start your on-demand multi-service business.

So, what exactly is the very best of these Gojek clones?

You get white labelled solutions so that you are the sole owner of the app.The app is developed to be very scalable, thereby showing high adaptability concerning any changes. You can toggle some specific services if you want to offer only those particular set of services and the rest get disabled.

Features of a Gojek Clone App

  • Multiple panels:

Three people use the app, namely user, service provider and an admin. Thereby there are three unique dashboards as associated with each role’s responsibilities.

The user will make a request, and the info regarding the service provider is sent to the user. The service provider can either accept or decline a request and can acquire user info to communicate with them. Speaking of the admin, he/she supervises the service and all other data from the admin panel.

  • Profile setup:

The app should feature several signup options like mail id, mobile number and social media logins. After this, authentication happens. Speaking of the service providers they have to provide a copy of all their original documents for authentication. Should it get approved, the service providers can begin acceptance of user requests.

  • Scheduling the Appointments:

Should the user want to fix service in the future, all that needs to be provided is the date and time for the service to be carried out. Later push notifications will send out reminders, and the service provider will call before the location gets reached.

  • Transaction records:

Speaking of the user panel and the delivery personnel panel featured will be a detailed list of all the transactions that were processed when the Gojek Clone app is used. The delivery personnel panel will feature all the orders delivered, and the user panel features the product/service list availed so far.

  • Payment modes:

Featured in the app are a multitude of payment options; it’s up to the user to choose an option for payment. Featured in these gateways are 100% safety and protection to the vital card information and other bank related information.

  • Reviews and ratings

Both the user and the service provider can rate one another post completion of the services. There is also a feedback column to feature anything that the associated parties would like to share.


Developing a Gojek Clone App is the current most prominent trend in the digital market. You can wield the power of such a clone and reign supreme in the on-demand business domain.  We at Uberdoo can develop for you a powerful multi-service app as per your preferences, and we can upload it to all the existing mobile platforms within the shortest timeframe and at economical rates.

Author Bio:

PrawinChandru is an enthusiastic and devoted entrepreneur based at the Canadian company Uberdoo. Uberdoo is primarily known for developing Gojek clone apps and other types of on-demand multi-service applications catering to varying business requirements.


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