Pname com Facebook orca error

When you face the problem with pop up of an error message on the Facebook Messenger like’ Pname com Facebook Orca’ it directly means that there is a conflict between the messenger app and your android phone.

To fix this pop-up error you need to follow some simple steps. There are many ways available to fix Pname Com Facebook Orca error. This article will provide you a permanent solution to this error message without the need to delete the com facebook orca folder in your phone.

Is the Pname Com Facebook Orca Error a Malware?

No, it is not a malware or a virus on your phone. So, now relax and no need to have to be panic when the error message keeps occurring on your phone. Without the Facebook messenger application on your phone, you cannot experience Facebook error messages on your phone.

Don’t delete com.facebook.orca error:

Yes… you read this right because you do not need to delete the com.facebook.orca folder ad com.facebook.katana folder from your phone. Meanwhile, you can only delete both folders from your phone successful when you will remove the Facebook messenger app from your phone.

Hide the folder com.Facebook.Orca:

This com.facebook.orca folder is a hidden folder which is created by Facebook messenger. This folder contains all information related to your messengers such as image, video, audio, and cache data. With this application, you can easily restore all deleted messages on your Facebook account without the need of PC. So that when pname com face book orca error message is disturbing you, then you need to fix it.

How to fix pnam com facebook orca error pop-up:

  • Go to the setting option on your
  • Scroll down and click on application manager.
  • Now, find out the Facebook Messenger application.
  • Tap on storage app and click on clear cache option.

Note: Do not go on clear data option, because it will delete all related information such as username, password and other information that you use on your app. So click tap on clear cache option, this will reset the app and clear the erupting pname com Facebook orca error from your android phone and you will not see it again.

Uninstall and Reinstall Facebook Messenger Application:

If you remember your Facebook account login information such as username, email, and password, then you can go with this option to fix this error. For this you need t remove or uninstall the messenger app from your android phone and then again reinstall it. With this, your pname com Facebook orca error message will be removed permanently from your android or iOS phone screen.

Can you delete com Facebook Orca?

No, you cannot delete it, but you can delete the package folder. Once the app is opened again then the package folder will create a new one and it replaced with your deleted folder.

Can you delete com Facebook katana?

The katana Facebook folder is different from Facebook orca folder. The Facebook katana is the Facebook app folder package name, so you cannot delete it. No matter you successfully delete it from your phone, it will automatically create a new folder called Pname Com Facebook Katana folder


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