mobile app testing

In the current digital sphere, Internet of Things (IOT), mobile devices and applications have a major contribution to digitization. With an incredible increase in the number of smartphones, developers have felt the need for developing different mobile apps for various customers/users. So it becomes extremely important to check whether these apps are working properly or not. Thus, enterprises look for a reliable mobile app testing company to ensure if the application works fine with respect to performance and functionality. 

Slow adoption, high uninstallation rate, huge monetary losses, and poor reviews on app-stores are a few effects an application can cause to your business. These are just a few indicators that your business in not steering in the right direction. The analytics dashboard in an application can showcase the main reasons why users turn down your application and how to overcome these problems. Too often, bad user reviews come late, and the underlying reasons why they delete your app may not be visible. So, it is important to involve testers at each stage of an application development life cycle. Right from the design to deployment, testers can find issues before it gets costly to fix them. 

Following are a few major challenges that testers face during mobile app testing:

User Experience Issues:

One of the major success factors of a mobile app is a great user experience that provides a predefined user interface. Any delay longer than a second may cause a user to leave the application and switch to a competitor. Thus, an application should provide a good user experience from all aspects. 

App-Performance Issues:

The ratio of users turning down on using an application is much higher and the main reason can be the performance issues. Mobile app testers should ensure that the app is free from faults, errors and any performance bottlenecks. 

Device Availability:

A major challenge that testers face when testing an app is the unavailability of appropriate devices. A mobile app testing company should have their own devices so that they can test their apps on different devices and operating systems. If developers and testers are spread over different geographical areas, then this problem can be a huge hindrance in their testing efforts. 

Mobile Network Operators:

There are different mobile operators around the world. When developing a mobile app, it is important to find out about these operators as some of them use the CDMA technology and others include GSM, TD-SCDMA and FOMA. 


Mobile users should be able to download apps from any application store depending on their operating systems. These include iStore for Apple users, and Play Store for Android users.

A mobile app testing company needs to ensure that the above factors are considered before rolling out new applications in the market, so that they can deliver quality apps without any unexpected delays. When development teams overcome these challenges, they can be sure that they are leading in the right direction. 


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