Cloud storage solutions are ones on which people rely on. Belonging to a technology industry you are well aware about Microsoft Azure storage. For those who are not aware of it. Here’s a brief introduction, Microsoft Azure is a private and public cloud platform. You may be familiar with the Azure services. The developers and IT professionals use to build deploy and manage applications.

How it works?

Let’s know how Azure cloud storage works,Azure uses a technology known as virtualization. Virtualization separates the tight coupling between a computer’s CPU and its operating system using an abstraction layer called a hypervisor. The hypervisor emulates all the functions of a real computer and its CPUin a virtual machine. It can run multiple virtual machines at the same time and each virtual machine can run any compatible operating system such as Windows or Linux. Azure takes this virtualization technology and repeats it on a massive scale.

In Microsoft, data centers are throughout the world.Each data center has many racks filled with servers, each server includes a hypervisor to run multiple virtual machines. A network switch provides connectivity to the servers, one server in each rack runs a special piece of software called a fabric controller. Each fabric controller is connected to another special piece of software known as the orchestrator. The orchestrator is responsible for managing everything that happens in Azure including responding to user requests. Users make requests using the orchestrators web API. The web APIcan be called by many tools including the user interface of the azure portal.When a user makes a request to create a virtual machine, the orchestrator packages everything that’s needed. The best server rack then sends the package and request to the fabric controller. Once the fabric controller has created the virtual machine the user can connect to it.Azuremakes it easy for developers and IT professionals to be agile when they build, deploy and manage their applications and services but this agility can have unintended consequences.

It is how Azure works. Let’s understand the benefits of Azure:

The backup solutions change from time to time. But cloud storage solutions are considered to be the best ones. You need to evaluate your requirements. Some of the benefits of using Azure backup are listed below.

Automated Storage Management:

Backup to Azure allow you to have storage management easily and automatically.

Cost Effective:

Azure follow the pay-as-you-go model. You will pay only for what you use. This makes it cost effective.

Unlimited Scalability:

Azure cloud storage provides unlimited scaling. You can scale up as you require.

Multiple cloud storage options:

You can have multiple storage options. You can choose your storage options according to your requirements.

Data Security:

Through backup to Azure you can ensure data security. The storage of your data on public cloud is also secured.

Long term backup:

Azure storage allows you to have long term backups. Azure doesn’t limit the length of time till you want to keep the data to the cloud.

Azure backup provides you with backup and disaster recovery solutions. It helps you to protect assets that run in the cloud. It is scalable, durable and highly available.


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