NBN Business Plans

Small businesses can benefit largely from the National Broadband Network (NBN) made available through various service providers such as Harbour ISP, Optus and Aussie Broadband. Almost all NBN service providers have various packages as per the four-speed slots available and then further divided into personal and business plans. 

Offices looking to have a fast and reliable internet connection for social media marketing, video streaming, conferencing call, and more can opt for an NBN business plan. These plans are specifically created for businesses and offer several advantages over a regular plan.

Additional features

NBN plans for businesses can have similar features to that of consumer plans in the first glance. But several benefits are clubbed in the plan. You can go through the following list and enquire with your service provider for the same.

1> Static IP Address

Many businesses require hosting their servers for cloud-based technologies. In such a case, they require a static IP address for the NBN connection as opposed to the dynamic IP address offered in the regular connection type. A static IP address is also important for creating and running email servers and other communications technologies.

2> Business-specific modems

Businesses generally require heavy data usage and larger bandwidth for handling various operations. Such speed and bandwidth requirement might require a faster modem that is often provided at a lesser cost or even free on long-term contracts with NBN business plans. You should be aware that long-term contracts might get you free modems but can attract penalties over early disconnection.

3> VoIP and PBX connection

Businesses often require a landline for functioning smoothly. NBN business plans might offer a bundled package that includes VoIP landlines at a lesser cost and may even include a mobile plan. They also help in setting virtual PBX and PBAX systems that reduce the need to set up initial outlay and rental costs. The best part about using a PBX system is having a virtual number that can be carried everywhere.

4> Separate customer support

NBN for business generally comes with customer support that provides priority to your needs. This ensures that businesses don’t suffer during downtime and faults are resolved quickly. During the setup, few ISP providers can even help you with setting cloud-based technologies and also optimise the network’s security to protect the business from any cyberattacks.

5> Cost-effective

Business plans may seem expensive in comparison to consumer plans but considering the above services, the plans are cost-effective. Plans that come under long-term contracts might even help you get free modems or landline phones for your business. Some ISP providers offer free local calls and a reduced rate for international calls. 

Do research various NBN providers in your area in terms of the type of connection they offer, the speed and the price including any setup fee, one-off costs and postage and handling charges.


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