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Developing your own mobile app seems so exciting, isn’t it? We build castles of developing a highly engaging mobile application and launching it in the market to enjoy popularity and higher ROI. We expect the whole world to go crazy with our mobile application.

But, is this really possible?

Well, not always.

Many times, it happens that even a completely unique and innovative idea fails to entertain the mobile users and add to trash in the market. And the reason behind is: Silly mistakes that mobile app development companies or business owners made during mobile app development.

Wondering what these mistakes are? Wish to know about these mistakes before starting with your mobile app development process to ensure better outcomes? If so, this article will be a good read for you.

7 Mistakes to Avoid While considering Mobile App Development


  • Packing Too Many Features


Many business owners and mobile app developers go with the notion that embedding too many features into their app will make it more useful and effective. But unfortunately, this does not happen.

Too many features in the same mobile application make the users confused and irritated. This result in higher app uninstallation rates and lower app retention rate, which implies app failure.

To avoid this mistake, you should invest in MVP development. Defined as the smallest workable model of your mobile app, an MVP helps you to launch your application in the market with the least/core elements which increase the chances of app success.


  • Targeting Multiple Platforms


Another mistake that mobile app startups and even established companies commit is that they build an application for multiple platforms. It’s true that targeting more than one platform will make your app reach to a wider audience and increase your app success rates. But, at the same time, it will be a barrier in providing seamless native experience to all, since every platform have some unique elements to be considered while developing an app.

According to the top mobile app development company, one should either build an application for a single platform or invest in cross-platform app development.


  • Complicated UIs


Though users wish to try new, unique and innovative designs, they also demand ease in interacting with your application. Many developers overlook the second condition and end up designing an utterly complicated UI design which prevents the users from communicating with the application. Thus, the app remains alien and useless to them, which again indicates app failure.

The best solution to prevent this situation is to use simple and common design elements and that too at the same position on all the app screens. This will help the users to maintain a flow while using the application, which will eventually lead to higher user engagement rate.


  • Hiring the Wrong Mobile App Partner


Many business owners, being a novice to the mobile market, pick the very first option they receive when it comes to hiring a mobile app development agency. They do not invest time and efforts into determining which mobile app team will be the best choice for their app needs, which often result in a regret. They generally get into the claws of wrong/fraud app development teams which provide them with a poor quality mobile app.

In case you too are looking forward to hiring a mobile application development company, ask these 17 questions before hiring a mobile app development company.


  • Picking Cost over Quality


Many business owners and developers consider cost as the prime factor. They choose services and the quality of services according to their price tags. This is another major mistake that leads to app failure.

It’s true that cost to build app matters. However, if you pay attention to app quality, the delivered mobile app will be a big hit in the market and will generate higher ROI that would compensate the invested amount of money. Besides, there are various ways to reduce app cost without compromising at quality factor.


  • Overlooking App Testing


Another common mistake that business owners commit while building a mobile app is app testing. They usually act with the misconception that their app is bug-free and a perfect addition to the app market. As a result, they launch a poor and error-prone application which does not gain momentum in the market.

If you do not wish the same to happen with your mobile application, invest heavily in mobile app testing. Test each module and screen of your mobile app via different forms of app testing, including Manual and Automated mobile app testing. Consider all the possible situations to see if your app is bug-free, and thus, deliver a high-quality application in the market.


  • No Efforts in Marketing


Last but least, many business owners do not consider app marketing. They live with the notion that their app is good enough to attract the users and enjoy a blockbuster popularity in the market. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible.

Currently, there are millions of mobile apps in the app market, which signifies your application might remain alien to the target audience if you do not promote it. So, it is necessary to consider different mobile app marketing strategies, especially ASO marketing.

With this, we have seen 7 common mistakes that people make while developing a mobile app and how you can avoid them. Hope this will help you to build and launch a mobile app effectively and gain the desired ROI.

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