Optimizing your Dating Business with a Tinder clone

Ever since its debut some seven years back, Tinder has now become one of the most popular online platforms for online dating. The prime functioning of Tinder required the user base to swipe and thereby like/dislike each other’s profile that featured a bio along with pictures and interests. Once two users mutually like one another, they can start interacting with one another via texting.

With this innovative approach, Tinder surged ahead in terms of popularity. Come 2014; it was already accumulating 1 billion swipes per day.

Now it has registered an astronomical 30 billion matches so far. It is estimated to feature 50 million users, with 6 million paid subscribers. Last year, its revenue alone was at $1.2 billion.

Tinder is highly prevalent in many countries like the United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Soon it is inevitable that it will be a dominant key player in online dating all across the globe.

So, now is the right time to get invested in an online dating business similar to Tinder but one that offers even more intriguing and enthralling features/ functioning.

That is where a Tinder clone steps in.

So, what exactly is a Tinder clone?

As its name implies, it is a clone of the Tinder Clone dating app. All the features/ functionality present in Tinder are as well integrated with the Tinder clone solution. It operates with the mechanism of connecting people with common interests with the location being a parameter here. It should be developed using the latest technologies and must come inbuilt with advanced features and rich UI/UX. Everything must be meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless interaction between matches and thereby pave the way for a great dating.

 Features associated with Tinder clone: –

(i)            Push Notifications:

It should notify the user regarding likes, messages and such that immediately. Further, it should motivate and stimulate the user to draw in with the matches.

(ii)           Tinder clone Gold & Plus models:

Both the Gold & Plus premium subscription plans should allow its users to seamlessly coordinate and effectively manage the profiles apart from providing a plethora of cool features like Super likes Rewind, Unlimited Likes and lots more.

(iii)          Boost:

This feature will help the user base to display their profile as the top profile for 30 minutes. It will put it in the limelight and very well increase the likelihood of getting more matches. This feature can be included under a paid model.

(iv)         Super Like:

Super Like is a smart option that will reveal more eagerness on a given profile when the user operates swiping. The user will know that a given profile had liked him/her before the former contemplates swiping right or left.

(v)          HD Audio/Video Calling:

After the matches have been made, the matched users can communicate with one another via Direct Messaging, or they can go one step further and opt for Audio calling or Video calling to optimize the dating experience even further.

These are some of the features which, when integrated with the Tinder clone, can add some rich user experience and ensure that more people will be glued to the dating app solution.

You don’t have to worry about revenue generation as there are a plethora of ways to generate revenue that includes Subscription plans (that consists of advanced features not included in the basic version) along with Advertisement banners where one can display ads. There is also the power of integrating Google AdSense.


That summed up some interesting aspects related to a Tinder clone solution. You can reap great rewards in the online dating business domain with such a cleverly crafted solution.

If you wish, we from Tinderboxsolutions can help you in getting such a promising and cost-effective solution. We have our clone script that is fuelled by your innovation and creativity to create fresh new features and functionalities that were not featured in Tinder.

We will accomplish everything to satiate your needs and requirements.

We can get a dating app solution developed for a price ranging from $5000 to $15000 based on how complex your ideas are.

If you are very interested please do feel free to contact us at Tinderboxsolutions.net.

 Author Bio:

PrawinChandru is the Sales Head and Co-Founder of Tinderboxsolutions, a leading Canadian technology company that specializes in clone products, including dating app solutions. In his free time, Prawin loves writing blogs related to the latest technological trends and loves mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the online business domains.


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