Elmedia Player Pro version

We will take a quick look into how El Pro 6.1 has an edge over the default Mac media player QuickTime Player which comes bundled with every machine. Elmedia’s first advantage is the ability to play popular video formats like AVI and WMV which QuickTime does not.

Now let’s look at the other features of this unique media player.

Enhanced playback

Elmedia Player is available in two formats: The free version supports almost all media format and when you upgradeto the pro version you will be able to download YouTube videos, control the audio playback settings, or even take screenshots. Even if you don’t need these features the free version would do just fine.

Let’s look at the features of the free version. The free version can do many things more than the default Mac QuickTime Player. It can open DVD VIDEO_TS folders (functional with all menus, though sometimes buggy), FLV, SWF, XAP, DIVX, DAT, and video formats. Besides, you can browse the internet without leaving the program, create your own playlists, and also open browser videos through the additional bookmark feature.

Elmedia Player also comes which some features that Apple had dumped in QuickTime Player X. Elmedia allows you to adjust video brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, and also reduce noise. Besides, you will also be able to change the image layout and improve the audio quality with a 10-band equalizer. Cool right?

The player also supports hardware acceleration playback of High Definition and 4K videos. You can also have a mirror view, flip, rotate, or change the aspect ratio of the video without skipping a frame. While VLC Player can also have these features, Elmedia Player is packed with a much more refined and polished UI as it is focussed on media first.

Go for Pro

While both the free and paid versions come with an in-app web browser, that allows users to open a separate window for parsing video or audio and Flash format from any website. And, when you get the Pro version, this feature allows you to download content from online video sharing platforms.

Elmedia Player Pro

The Download All feature is quite useful. You can grab not just videos but almost everything from a web page. You can use the options to download individual elements like streams, aidio, soundtrack or MP3 from video sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

We also love the Movie menu/Control-Command-S keyboard shortcut to capture quick still frame from a video. You can then save them in avrious formats such as TIFF, PNG, or animated GIF. You can also record a series of screenshots at several intervals even while playing a video.

The Pro version also has an additional control to change audio playback. You will be able to select the default output and a number of playback channels, although the 5.1 surround audio may not play correctly at ties. It is still a plus point. One minor con is that the player does not have a frame-by-frame control capability over playback when using a keyboard. However, for an advanced video viewer, this player comes packed with everything you need.


The Elmedia Player Pro is not at all costly considering the power-packed features. It stands nowwhere near the QuickTime Player, even if you compare it with the free version. The paid version makes it a complete and wholesome video player.


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