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The development is closely related to teamwork. In modern programming, many team members are on opposite sides of the oceans and continents. In this case, it is necessary to create a convenient environment for the exchange of code sections. That is why a snippet app with support for GitHub gist is a very popular nowadays.

Such applications allow you to synchronize with GitHub servers and exchange various editions of code. It will enable you to organize a quick process anywhere and get the practical work of an entire team. Let’s look at the best managers who are suitable for these purposes.


Lepton is a modern manager that has GitHub sync. The program interface has a dark and light theme and syntax highlighting tool for daily work with code sections to create a verse to share the latest projects with colleagues or for personal use. The application supports quick saving of snippets and editing individual sections of code for synchronizing with GitHub.

SnipperApp 2

This application has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality. Each user can synchronize their work with GitHub. SnipperApp 2 supports 120+ programming languages. It also includes GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode. The syntax highlighting helps to avoid errors and more convenient to read code.

Users can access local storage, synchronization with iCloud, and GitHub. It has available subscription models and a free version. Thus, users can create tags and store snippets. It also has a user-friendly subscription model and a free version.

GitLab Snippets

GitLab Snippets is another app that syncs with GitHub. You can save gists on a personal use server for everyday use or share with users who want to save fragments. It also supports different versions for quick search each and sends it to friends.

Unfortunately, Git tags are not supported in snippet repositories. The application is suitable for beginners and people who, from time to time, write code for a broad audience. The interface is easy to get used to, so this will not be a problem for you.


The last on our list is Gisto, which supports GitHub Gists. Thanks to it, you can save various codes in a GitHub and configure separate folders for organizing data; it supports multiple programming languages and allows you to use tags. It will allow you to quickly search for what you need and share them with colleagues and friends; this is a basic set of opportunities for a programmer and computer science student.



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