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Wiser amongst us are those who learn from their mistakes, but the wisest ones of them are those who learn from the mistakes of others. After all, life is short; a person cannot live long enough to go wrong at every stage.

The comprehensive marketing strategies that brand owners follow appear to have a seamless defence mechanism. However, that is not the case.  Branding is an ever-transforming and creative practice. There are no principles when it comes to having a perpetual branding strategy.

Many companies invest most of their time and money in establishing a brand; they create a name and add a tagline with it that makes big promises and in the quest of doing something different they make trivial and mere slipups. The errors that we see cost brands their reputation and credibility. Most of the times, brands get dragged online for being irresponsible and vague. The internet is a merciless and unforgiving place; therefore, there is more to a simple online marketing scheme.

Always Test the Waters:

The free “100 pizzas a year for 100 years” in exchange of a tattooed company’s logo marketing campaign launched by the Domino’s pizza in Russia that commenced on September last year, is not hidden from anyone. That promotion was supposed to go on for two months, but the pizza chain had to suspend it after four days! Why? Because there were hundreds of people, who were willing to get inked and at the end, over three hundred people qualified for the deal.

What caused this mess?          

 This slip up was due to a lack of economic research. An unobtrusive economy has left the average income at about five-hundred dollars per month. Several people got tattooed because they needed free food. It was not because of brand loyalty. However, it is drab to see brands do whatever for getting some social media-marketing thrill.

A proposed repair:

If you are going to launch a marketing campaign, you must do thorough research and make your plan considering the following points:

  • The region you are starting your marketing campaign at
  • The cultural and religious values that are being followed in that place
  • The economic standing of your targeted area
  • The popularity of brands similar to yours in your targeted demographics of that specific region
  • The need for your product or service amongst your targeted demographics.

Play your diplomatic cards:

This stratagem calls for the establishment of a few rules:

  • Rule number one: Keep your emotional beast leashed.
  • Rule number two: Relax and refer to rule number one. 

Diplomacy does not only work in politics. If you want to make it to the top, you have to play it so that you do not get dragged into someone else’s drama. These type of mess-ups happen a lot in the beauty industry.

Let us talk about drama:        

 The feud between Huda beauty and Jeffree star cosmetics is not new anymore; an indie makeup brand beauty bakeries were also involved in this. Apart from that, the latest clash between Tati Westbrook and James Charles took its toll over James’s collaborative production with Morphe. Other than that, there are many beauty brands like YSL, Tarte’s Shape Tape, which were called out for their foundation shade rage at some point.

Damage control:

 The tweets and articles written about them are still there. The outcome of drama and dispute between brands and companies have never been pleasant even after people redeem their lost reputation online, their dark history haunts them, much like that referenced here.

Posts throwing shades at brands get high up in ranks at the Google search engine if these brands have Wikipedia pages. That allows people to read all the negatives. Contenders edit their pages, removing and tempering information shared there.

What should you do?

Therefore, if you ever find your brand being dragged in any drama at any social platform online, hire Wikipedia page editing services for your brand’s Wikipedia page management and monitoring. Though keeping a neutral stance under all circumstances is highly recommended.


The fact that branding demands out of the box thinking and a constant social media buzz about you and your product is undeniable. However, you must remain in an ethical boundary for doing so. It is not just about a perfect website appearance or a huge Instagram following. It is about doing proper research and keeping your mind open.

Brand identity is not created overnight; it takes time and effort. Launching a significant branding declaration with an outbreak of marketing activities can work, but if you make a wrong move, everything will go down the drain. So take your time and be patient. Results will start flowing in if you stay positive and consistent.


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