10 Best SEO Tools Marketer's wont in 2019

Many of you have a Question in your mind that What was the Top 10 SEO Tools Marketer won’t in 2019?. After so many Research and Survey we found more than 70% Digital Marketers Planning this tool to buy in 2019 so here are the Tools you can read and use to become a Smart Digital Marketer.

Top 10 SEO Tools Marketer won’t in 2019

o    Digital Marketing is a wide Information on online marketing.

o     In the Early days of Digital Marketing, it was called Internet Marketing or Online Marketing.

o    The term Digital Marketing is coming from Traditional Marketing which is known as Offline Marketing or offline Trading.

o    To Reach and convert the Audience to your Business the Primary Focus is to do Marketing. For Marketing, it is compulsory to do smart work not Hard work.

o    Here are the SEO Tools Marketer won’t in 2019

There are so many tools so we have shortlisted the tools and  mention the most popular tools:

o    AHREF:


                     Used for – Research and Analysis of the Data

                     Price     – Freemium

                     Key Features –

o    Keyword Researching

o    Find competitors

o    Competitor Keywords

o    Backlinking

o    Analysis of Internal Backlink

o    Top Pages

o    Outgoing Backlinks

o    Broken Links

o    Domain Ranking

o    PPC Keywords

o    ADS

o    Top Landing Pages

This Tool is Premium you can buy from different Platforms like Official AHREF site, Flikover and many more. Thousand of the Digital Marketers were already using or Planning to use in 2019. This Keyword is very important to use for competitor analysis.

  1. SerpStat


                   Used for – Content Marketing, SMO, PPC

                   Pricing  –  Paid

                   Key Features –

o    Collect all the Keyword for SEO and PPC Campaign

o    Discover your International Data

o    Determine the value of Keyword

o    Get the Long Tail Keyword

o    Analysis of the Keyword Trends

o    Checking the Keyword ‘Relevancy’

o    Finding what Pages are showing in the search result

Serpstat is All-in-one Growth Hacking Tool to optimize your PPC and Content Marketing Campaign.

o    SEObility –


                          Used for –SEO Audit

                          Pricing   – Free/Paid

                          Key Features –

o    Keyword Check – show how well your page will optimize on/for Target the Keyword.

o    An SEO check  – Test your Website Data and give better tips by Analysis.

o    Ranking check  – Checks your Page ranking that how good it is.

o    SEO compare  – which compares 2 pages with the term keyword.

Seobility all about the how good or bad is your website is and help for you to optimize your the Data.

o    SEMRUSH –


                     Used for – Keyword + Competitor Research

                     Pricing – Freemium

                     Key Features –

o    Traffic Analysis

o    Organic Research

o    Backlink Gap

o    Keyword Difficulty

o    Position Tracking

o    Ranking

o    Seo content template

o    Website Audit

Basically, Semrush took the competitor research to the Whole another level and help you to Target the Better and the Relevant Keyword. You can find the best keywordsBest backlinks, the best content and many more to use.

o    SEOquake –


                  Used for  – Competitor Research

                   Pricing   – FREE

                   Key Features  –

o    The Number of (External links)

o    Google Index

o    Semrush Ranking

o    Alexa Ranking

o    Webarchive age( Domain age)

SEOquake is a Free Browsing Extension Its basically like a Mozbar. Mozbar is Freemium Extension Except it pulls up more of the page data.

o    Pitchbox –


                Used for  – OutReach

                Pricing  – Paid

                Key Features – Pitchbox isn’t Exactly SEO tool. But when they are creating the link building. The email sequence for the Feature lets you set up the follow-up email by automatically.

  1. Google Search console –

Google Search console

                                          Used for – Analysis Website Data, show Performance

                                                  Pricing  – Free only Google Account

                                                  Key Features –

o    Performance – You can see your Website Performance that how it is working

o    URL inspection – you can index your article as quickly as possible.

o    Coverage – In this, you can see your Website errors that which page is showing an error or which page is performing well.

o    Sitemap – you can submit the URL of your site so it index and index page.

o    Mobile Usability – How better it is performing in a mobile device and how bad it is.

o    Manual action – If any Warning on your site then here it shows.

o    Links – How many links you build on your site

It is also called as Webmaster but the term is change and now it called a Google search console. It is free of cost by the Trusted site Google.

  1. Google Analytics –

Google Analytics

                         Used for – Analysis  marketing/ Business Data

                         Pricing – Free only Required Google Account

                         Key Features –

o    Real-time – you can see the Realtime Audience that from where it is coming and from where it goes. You can see Realtime location, Real-time Gender, content, Events, conversions.

o    Audience – You can see what audience and which type of Audience is coming on your website. You can see in this Active users, Lifetime, Cohort Analysis, User Explorer.

o    Demographic –  You can see the demographic like Gender, Age.

o    Interest –  The Audience coming on your Business you can see what interest of Audience it is.

o    Google Adword –

Google Adword

                              used for  – PPC campaign, Google ADS

                              Pricing – Freemium

                              Key Features – You can use free for practice and if you want to live your campaign you have to add an amount to live the campaign.

  1. Long Tail Pro –

Long Tail Pro

                              Used for: Keyword Research

                               Pricing: Paid

                           Key Features –  Long Tail Pro recently went through an ownership change. The newest ownership of the team is hungry for success.  Also, you know what that means?

This Top 10 SEO tools are very powerful to rank and Audit your site for the fastest growing. You can use this and 5 to 10 days you can see the Result.


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