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How can one ignore the trendiest JavaScript Front-end framework? Over these years, Vue.Js has topped it all in comparison to Angular and React especially in GitHub. And why not? The JavaScript framework has everything to make development smooth and easy. 

About Vue.JS

The javaScript framework is quite lightweight, flexible, modular and high performant and mainly used to build web interfaces. Moreover, it comprises a wide range of amazing tools, as well as efficient state management (Vuex) and routing (Vue Router) options. Basically, Vue ticks a lot of boxes such as using virtual DOM for better performance and matured considerably as a full-fledged JavaScript framework featuring its own grownup ecosystem and developer tools. The framework also offers incredible development speed like none other. 

Why is Vue a cut above? 

If we see JavaScript as a whole, I am sure you will find a wide number of frameworks around the corner assisting Java developers is not just extending functionalities but also enhancing the user experience of websites. 

Created Evan You – an ex-employee of Google, Vue started off as a small project to extract good parts of Angular and build a framework that’s extremely lightweight. As of now, Vue seems to have become one of the trendiest JavaScript frontend frameworks with the highest stars on  GitHub (144K), beating Angular (49.9K) and React (3.7K) in Github Star Count. Now I am sure you must be wondering how Vue is a cut above? 

One of the prime reasons Vue is experiencing such popularity is because it makes web development pretty smooth and easy. Turns out, like it is a gentle learning curve that solves critical issues in every application, enabling quick and cost-effective product development. Let’s delve into the details. 

Gentle learning curve-  Being one of the easiest frameworks to learn and master, Vue developers require to learn a few lines of JavaScript with a hint of HTML. Moreover, it makes finding competent developers and building a fantastic development team easier. 

Well-defined ecosystem- Another interesting fact about Vue development is it allows professionals to choose a solution to a specific problem efficiently. I mean here you don’t need to spend hours on finding the best one.  Even though it focuses on the view layer, but it definitely assists you in Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Test Utils, and Vue CLI.  In case, if you face any issues, Vue provides solutions and of course, the effective ones. 

Saves ample time- With the introduction of Vue CLI, a system created to support by the Vue Core team that reduces to a minimum the time developers usually spend on initial project setup and scaffolding. The third version offers an entirely new experience as it allows generating a project by going through a set of questions about what the project needs. 

Best of both worlds (AngularJS and ReactJs) – As I said, Vue was created to take some good parts of Angular without all extra concepts involved. It is safe to bet to say that Vue was created to avoid all the shortcomings of Angular. Right from good syntax to component-based approach, props, one-way data flow for component hierarchy, performance, virtual rendering ability, everything was opted by Vue. So, combining the best parts of existing JS frameworks AngularJs and React JS, Vue tops it all! 

 Further below I would like you to get acquainted with certain benefits offered by the trendiest JavaScript around – Vue!   

  • Offers a flexible & modular development environment – Unlike others, the JavaScript framework uses components in web development. And when you have future scaling in mind, it becomes very crucial to have a component-based architecture providing lots of adaptability and flexibility to meet each project’s requirements. Now when building large-scale applications, Vue requires using a modularized build system. Also, the JavaScript framework has the ability to transform the source into preprocessors through the WebPack & Browserfy bundlers like never before.   
  • Versatility & Huge ecosystem – Of course, we all know that Vue has a huge collection of tools and libraries that facilitate web development. Speaking among these tools and libraries, one of the most notable ones are vue routing for routing and mapping and Vuex for state management.  These development tools simplify the app debugging process by allowing you to live- edit your web application, time-travel debug back to previous versions and track some custom events. 
  • High performance – We all know that Vue is considerably fast. If speaking about mobile apps, the JavaScript framework launches an application faster than React and Angular both. 
  • Community support – Like many other JavaScript frameworks, the Vues community is booming and frontend developers from all around the world are contributing to further development of the framework. Apart from huge conferences, there are also Vue Meetups organized on a regular basis in multiple countries. But if you’re around near any of these conferences, they’re definitely worth attending.

Popular companies using Vue.JS include:

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Adobe
  • Alibaba
  • Grammarly
  • GitLab
  • Behance

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Shira Gray is working as a Business Development Executive at Web Development Company – She writes about emerging technologies.Being a tech geek, she keeps a close watch over the industry focusing on the latest technology news and gadgets.


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