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The increase of digital marketing in today’s world is such that every business is going online which is obviously the reason for the rise in eCommerce web portals. eCommerce has become the face of online business and still growing at the speed light.

With the increase in smartphones and tablets adopting of eCommerce has become imperative for business worldwide. You may ask why, well your audience is always on the lookout for finding more convenient ways of shopping, convenience brings the most conversions and it remains the most important part of customer service. Your customer wants everything with just one click or one tap of a finger and it is your duty to provide them with what they want. 

Which brings us to the matter of how you can provide such UX through your eCommerce web portal? to bring your eCommerce store of such functionality you need a platform such as Magento to provide the users with a UI which engages them and increases their UX.

Magento provides a number of advantages which become the basis of increased conversions, ROI and sales. So, if you are looking for the right Magento experts then are the right choice

Below are some of the most important features of Magento which makes it stand out.

Websites on Magento are search engine optimized

The first great thing about Magento is that it provides a very search engine friendly URL structure where you can also edit the search URL of your website pages, this overall increases the searchability of your website on search engine.

With the number of SEO tools Magento provides you can edit the Meta information of your website with great ease. 

Provides flexibility

Magento is a platform known to provide its users great flexibility when it comes to source code as you can modify it to your liking to increase the functionality and customization of templates of your website, it is a open source platform.

You can easily import products through Magenta with its allowance of third party integration. This makes website analysis quite easy in real time.

Mobile friendly

With the increase in mobile users increasing day by day you need your eCommerce websites to be mobile friendly. The fact that mobile traffic now constitutes 70% of web traffic cannot be ignored which has made Google go for mobile-first indexing.

Magento is the perfect platform to create mobile friendly websites. It provides the perfect tools to create a website for mobile versions without any hassle. It also provides a great UI for better user experience which helps in conversions.

A large community of users use Magento

If for some reason you find Magento difficult to use then you must know that Magento, unlike many platforms, has a huge community of users who can help you out. 

If ever you are in need of support there is a large community which will provide excellent and real-time support, if needed, to you as there are a number of Magento experts available for you to help. And the benefits do not stop there as with such a large community, users have developed a number of plugins and extensions to ease your process. 

It is scalable

Unlike many platforms Magento is a very scalable platform for eCommerce web portals. Your business is bound to increase in the future and with that your website will need to adapt to a heavy load of products and traffic. 

With Magento you can add up to five hundred thousand products and with easy customization you can always manage transactions with great ease. 


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