Uber Clone script

Uberdoo features the ultimate, 100% customizable and ready to launch Uber Clone script software which is all at your disposal.

Getting a Ride-Hailing app is indeed a tough venture and Uberdoo will help in sorting out the trouble by providing you with a robust taxi booking software.

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The Admin Panel

This panel deals solely with Driver management functions and is entirely automated. All-encompassing admin dashboard In this panel, every data related to the taxi enterprise of yours is displayed understandably visually. You can see the drivers and operators about each category.

Every related work and function are managed seamlessly in a few clicks.

Useful partner dispatch

Joining forces with all other types of enterprises is now a piece of cake thanks to the admin panel. Here you can authorize third parties to create and take care of orders. Via Partner Dispatch, you will get your enterprise a surplus number of additional requests daily.

Reports and analytics

Every analytics associated with Uberdoo’s Admin Panel can be accessed with just two clicks. You can monitor the driver balances, transactions and other such activities in real-time. You can also view all-encompassing and clear reports related to company activities. You can get a clear visualization of how your taxi enterprise is growing.

The Dispatcher Panel

Streamlined Order Management

The Dispatch panel integrates all the orders in a single dashboard. They can be retrieved and managed effectively. Access the order history easily and make notes. A lot of time is saved thanks to the powerful taxi dispatch panel. Every function is carried out swiftly.

Smart queue algorithm

The Uber clone script of Uberdoo will display all the driver-based trips in real-time in the dispatch dashboard. The intelligent queue algorithm featured in the app will ascertain that the driver base is busy non-stop. The algorithm carries that out by distributing the orders properly by researching and taking care of the data related to the wait times, distance, driver rating etc.

 Global geo-coding

The advancement in technology will zero down to the precise location of the rider. This will be effective all across the globe and will work even with street names and house numbers. This will serve to curb the mistakes committed by the driver base. The drivers arrive at the correct location, and the passengers don’t even have to waste their time to guide the drivers regarding destination.

Robust programming interface

Allow your taxi enterprise to integrate with all the other apps, dispatch systems and service providers. Associate yourself with the power of Google Maps and all types of taxi ordering providers. Collaborate with all other enterprises to expand your business exponentially.

 The Passenger and Driver App

 Intuitive applications

The Passenger and Driver app is that enthralling and both of them offer sufficient simplicity of use. The apps will run seamlessly irrespective of the platform (be it Smartphone or Tablet) and internet connectivity. This will prove to be a significant factor in captivating more drivers and riders to be a part of your business functioning. Featured will be precise navigational routes for the drivers and the best/exact fare for every ride carried out.

A vast number of service types

We are firm of the opinion that our Uber clone script can be featured for virtually any type of business. You can select the service that you wish to offer from the plethora of options that we have integrated with the clone script for you. Select your choice and optimize your enterprise by serving your client base well through our white-labelled applications that are built and customized specifically for you.

Heatmap in Driver app

This handy feature allows the driver base to know which pick up locations are in most demand when it comes to driver services. This feature gains, even more, use and momentum, mainly when it is peak hour time.

 Payment options

This is one of the most prominent features in our Uber Clone Script. We boast of some of the most secure and reliable payment gateways. With these gateways, passengers can opt for payment via their debit/credit cards in every location where the taxi business functions. Additionally, you can customize to integrate promo codes for the rider base to share with others.

SOS buttons

Driver and Passenger safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to the ride-hailing mobile app. For security, both the drivers as well as passengers can set up an emergency phone number in the case should trouble arises.


Uberdoo develops, tests and launches both iOS and Android Passenger and Driver applications. We help in uploading the apps and in getting them approved. We offer round the clock technical support, ASO Process and lots more at the most economical package.

Author Bio:-

Vinoth  is the co-founder of the leading Canadian technological company Uberdoo It specializes in the development of clone products for the food delivery, photo editing/ sharing and on-demand multi-service domains. The team at Instagramcloneappsunderstands how important it is for its client base to gain a strong foothold in the business market and it uses its vast knowledge to help every one of its clients to gain the edge in terms of competition.



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