Do you love the breath taking aroma in vanilla cakes, biscuits, perfumes, confectioneries beauty products and many other familiar things with the same aroma no wonder it’s the aroma of vanilla flavor and seeds. Undoubtedly majority of people irrespective of their age love vanilla, well the question is what makes it so special and why everyone is taken by the aroma. Vanilla not only brings the best aroma in food and edibles but vanilla is rich with numerous health benefits for overall health, here are some of the best vanilla benefits to encourage vanilla buyers to source the purest forms of vanilla

Vanilla is more than a sweet fragrance and rich flavor, the purest vanilla extracts carries numerous medicinal properties and can be helpful for attaining the good standards of health

Treating panic disorders and anxiety
from a number of researches in the neurology has proved that vanilla extract have a potential healing effect for the ones suffering from depression and anxiety. Vanilla scents are refreshing and mood booster that particularly contributes to the purpose. Drinking vanilla essence in milk or water help combat anxiety in many individuals. The aromatic herb is helpful for a healthy nervous system, research has proven aromatherapy from vanilla spice has been beneficial in treating several phobias

Helps losing weight

Recent studies have shown that vanilla extract aid in weight loss. Stating the truth, exercise and diet is the major player in losing extra pounds and these efforts can be enhanced with the consumption of vanilla extract for real consequences

Helps you get rid of nausea

One of the real benefits from the vanilla extract that it helpful in easing stomach when one feels nausea

All you have to do is to take a glass of water with a few drops of vanilla and slowly drink sip by sip. The breathtaking vanilla fragrance will boost your mood and relieve the nauseous feeling. In spite it a better alternative to a nausea medicine  

Treating cough and cold

Many of the cough treating medications use the vanilla extract for the purpose of good flavor and cover the bitterness.  The slightly calming and soothing traits in vanilla can ease the symptoms of pain arising from sore throat and dizzy head

Oral health and hygiene

The vanillin of vanilla can be compared to capsaicin in chillies, the compound exerts a stimulating effects on the central nervous system. Vanillin is not only relaxing but also helps fight tooth ache and oral infections

Treating digestion difficulties

Vanilla inclusion in an herbal tea can ease digestion problems. Vanilla bean water that is boiled is a oldest and most effective remedy for controlling vomiting and stomach setbacks. The rich aroma is refreshing and can easily combat fatigue and dizziness  

Vanilla as a love potion

Vanilla has been the major player in stimulating sexual desires and endurance. A number of studies from aromatherapy has proven that vanilla can enhance sexual endurance and serve as a love potion enhancing tester one levels in men. The vanilla use has been the time tested for healing impotency its rich fragrance enhance the feel of delightedness and seduction

Treating menstrual disorders

Vanilla is the best remedy for regularize the menstrual difficulties. It’s often recommended for women with irregular periods yet several medicines have been introduced to combat these difficulties yet it brings with them numerous side effects a major part of the problems can be fought by including vanilla in your diet

Facilitate wound healings

The inclusions of vanilla extract for treating even the deep wounds is time tested. Its steroidal traits can ease and calm bruised areas on skin. It’s a better home remedy for addressing wounds. Yet direct use on wounds can be avoided



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