Generating Organic Traffic

Your store is all set, but there is no traffic. If nobody is visiting your website or buying your product or service, you will have to shut it down soon. You must have heard SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the best technique to generate organic traffic to your users. 

What do you think about SEO? It is the practice of increasing traffic by improving the visibility of your website on top results of search engines, isn’t it? You may have written high-quality guest blogs, creating backlinks and promoted your content on social media. In brief, you must be following these steps to optimise your content. 

Well, generating organic traffic is much more than generating inbound links and social media promotion. The challenge for any business is to ensure that the user finds you not your competitors when the query is related to your product or service. 

Most of the time, you have ongoing random traffic to your website. It means your target audience is not able to find you, plunging your revenues rapidly. There is a lot to do when it comes to generating organic traffic to your website. 

Your website structure

Sales come later. The first thing a visitor comes across is your website. It must be engaging enough to hook them, and the layout of your website plays a paramount role. Even though you provide full information about your products or services, it may fail to turn potentials to customers. 

Your website structure should be simple and engaging. Make sure that you are navigating them from one page to another. You should divide your web content into different categories, for instance, home, about us, products etc. Make a separate page for each product or service. 

Write for your buyers

It is essential to keep happy both search engines and your target audience at the same time. Search engines will be happy if you put genuine and high-quality content and buyers will be happy if it provides them with a solution. 

Before you create a content strategy, have a clear picture in your mind about your buyer persona. 

  • Whom you are targeting
  • What they are looking for

Do not reinvent the wheel by providing the same information as your competitors. Try to offer them something unique – that solves their current problems. 

No matter which product or service you are dealing in, you should tell how your users would benefit from them. 

Research keywords smartly

How will you ensure your website shows up among search results when a user tries to find you? Keywords will help you. Keywords are search terms that people put into search engines to find information. 

For instance, if a user is looking to apply for unemployed loans with no guarantor, the search term they may probably put as follows:

  • Loans for unemployed no guarantor
  • No guarantor unemployed loans
  • Loans for unemployed
  • Unemployed loans without guarantor
  • Loans for unemployed without a guarantor

Use Google Keyword Planner to know what keywords related to your products or services are in use. 

Internal linking

Interlinking is the best way to keep visitors on your website for a bit longer. Google crawlers see the time spent by users on a particular page and the total number of visited pages. It shows that users are taking an interest in your website, and hence Google crawlers will give your site higher rank. 

Internal linking can help your users navigate from one page to another. However, do not overstuff. It may bewilder users. 

Focus on description

Detailed content is essential for your users, but search engines prefer descriptions to understand about your product or service. The description must be unique and crisp enough to understand what the page is about. Make sure that it aligns with your brand. 

Most of the entrepreneurs do not pay attention to this aspect and copy descriptions. Search engines will never give a rank to a website if you do so. 

Describe images

Before you reach out to your users, you need to impress search engines. It means you need to ensure the search engines that your pages are relevant and consist of enough information. You have decided Meta tags and descriptions, but you still need one thing, and that is Alt text. 

Alt texts describe images. It tells Google crawlers what the image is about. It would be best if you use Google suggestions to write down Alt Texts. You can find them online. It should be in the context of the content.  

Start blogging

Blogging is the best way to generate organic traffic to your website. It allows you to provide information even on those parts that your website restricts. Your blog must aim at providing information that users do not know.

It may take a long time to generate organic traffic. You can meet your goals if you understand your buyer persona and how search engines work.


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