Virtual Career Fair

Career fairs are in existence for a very long time. It enables attendees and organizations to interact with each other for the most appropriate job opportunities. As time has changed, and we enter into a digital era virtual career fairs have gained momentum. More and more organizations are taking part in virtual job fairs to get the right potential candidate around the globe irrespective of geographical location.

As virtual is the new normal, several organizations are planning to host a virtual career fair or be part of the same. It has marked a proven success record in the recruitment industry by hiring the most promising candidates.

Virtual career fairs work in the same way as traditional on-ground career fairs. It is organized and hosted on an interactive and immersive virtual events platform. The platform allows job seekers around the world to connect and network with the employers and have discussions for open positions.

With the advancements in technology, virtual career fair platforms started offering engaging features to keep attendees hooked. It enables employers and job seekers to have one-on-one interactions via text/audio/video chats in real-time.

Hosting a virtual career fair comes with some major benefits. Right from allowing the organizations to seek the most qualified candidates worldwide to considerably reducing the costs by cutting off travel and venue expenses, it comes with many more perks.

Various limitations experienced by the organizations while hosting on-ground career fairs get completely resolved with a virtual format. A virtual career fair platform enables organizations to create a complete branded environment and deliver immersive experiences. The platform enables the organizer to create a virtual conference hall or virtual booths. It allows job seekers to have access to company info and interact with the recruiter of choice via chats.

Some organizations are familiar with virtual career fairs, while some are new to it. In this article, we have shared a few tips to host a successful virtual career fair. Scroll down to know more:

Effective tips to host a virtual career fair

  1. Select the right virtual career fair platform

Once you decide to host a virtual career fair or virtual job fair, selecting the right technology comes first. Whether you are planning a simple online career fair or an elaborative one, selecting a virtual event platform is a must. The platform that offers interactive features and hosts a large number of attendees without any audience capping, proves much beneficial. It offers endless possibilities and reaches a wide spectrum of candidates globally, thus making your virtual career fair successful. Hosting a career fair on a reputable virtual event platform opens new realms of opportunities and exposures. A virtual event platform that’s built on a foundation of safety and security, keeps the privacy of the organization intact.

  1. Plan your Budget

Determining the budget for hosting a virtual career fair is a must. Once you plan out your budget it helps in working upon the number of attendees who can attend your event. Your defined budget will help you to find the right platform and software to host an online career fair.

  1. Develop a strategy to make it work

Create your strategy to host a virtual career fair. Work upon your set goals of what you want to achieve with a virtual career fair. Apart from it, start strategizing on content creation, sponsorships, date of hosting an event, size of the event, the scope of an online career fair, number of virtual booths, and so on.

  1. Customize the virtual booth accordingly

Virtual career fair platforms enable organizations to design and customize virtual booths suiting their requirements. Organizations can provide the most appropriate information to the candidates such as openings, company info, location map, videos, etc. Apart from it, it enables organizations to benefit from the most engaging features accordingly. Virtual booths can be customized the same way as on-ground booths at career fairs.

  1. Build Partnerships

While hosting a virtual career fair keep your expectations clear and straight. Connect with partners to participate in the online career fair and form new partnerships as well.

  1. Keep the registration process easy

Keeping the registration process easy, enables ample candidates to be the part of your virtual career fair. As job seekers, who are occupied with current job commitments won’t invest long hours in registrations.

  1. Hire a knowledgeable staff for a virtual career fair

Hiring a knowledgeable staff for an online job fair helps in guiding your attendees in the right direction, thus making it successful.

  1. Develop a successful marketing plan

To make the most out of your virtual career fair, develop a marketing plan. Promote your online career fair via mail, advertising, social media channels, public relations, and so on to make your event successful. You can even try on integrated marketing campaigns to get the desired results.

  1. Analyze the metrics

Online career fairs come with an end number of advantages when compared to other marketing channels. Virtual career fairs enable us to keep a record of all the actions of attendees. Right from which virtual booth they interacted, clicks to what information they shared or downloaded is trackable. The virtual event platform offers organizations with detailed metrics. It enables them to review which part of the fair captures maximum engagement and which are not popular among candidates.

  1. Ensure taking a follow-up

Finally when you have hosted a well planned virtual career fair what comes next? The follow-up. Make it a point to follow up with the attendees or candidates that your recruiter interacted with and found most promising and qualified for the role. It helps in converting leads. Do not hesitate to reach out to the candidates who have not yet applied. The contact information gathered by the recruiters during a virtual career fair makes the task easy. As the entire event is trackable, tracking the candidates who move towards the next step, helps in analyzing the overall success of an online career fair.

The worth of face to face meetings holds its own importance, but virtual career fairs have replicated the same. It offers high interactivity and chats functionality that enables the organization to get the quality candidates globally!


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