Effective SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques

  1. Good Content – 2020

Nowadays Google and other search engines gave more importance to content than a picture. If your website contains many photos than content then you will struggle to get visitors to your blog. I heard many people complain like they have good huge content in their blog but still struggle to get visitors. Here, we need to focus on the content relevancy. If your blog has much content that is not relevant to the current situation then you will never get good organic visitors. Please make sure your blog contains good keywords which are mostly people search in search engines.

We need to repeat the keywords in our blogs in a meaningful way. If you try to stuff keywords then you will be banned from search engines. The count of keyword repetition in the blog will help you to get more visitors. Nowadays SEO is a very competitive thing because everyone knows it. Here we need to focus more on our content, good content will always get good rank in search engines. The most thing about the content is, it should be very easy to understand. If we use many tough business words in our blog then most of the people will never understand the meaning of your blog and they will never prefer your blogs.

2. Social Media Sharing – 2020

The second most thing in SEO 2020 is about Social Media. Now a days we know that most of the people prefer social media to get information about what happening in the world. Its a huge platform to get a good visitors and business to your blogs. Never try to promote your blog without social media. If you try like that way then it will be complete disaster. I personally prefer must use the following social medias in your blogs. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube. While sharing a content in social media please never forget to add your blog links there. It will drives more visitors and ranking in search engines. Its very important thing in 2020.

3. Link Building – 2020

I heard many of friends said like, there is no use of link building because we didn’t get any response from link building. Its completely wrong. In my personal opinion, my website and business is in success only because of link building activity. I got ranked in many keywords because of link building activity. My back link count is increased only because of link building. So, never skip this step in doing SEO in 2020. Link building have good value in search engines. Must share your blogs or website link while doing link building.

4. Competitive Analysis – 2020

What is mean by competitive analysis? I saw many result in google which is actually telling about competitive analysis but I tell you its completely wrong what they are actually saying. In my point of view while doing competitive analysis we need to focus on the following things – On page SEO – Keywords, Content, Internal links, pages, Types of social media etc.. … OFF page SEO – Backlinks, keyword rank, Paid ads, Alexa Rank etc.. We need to do a good study about our competitors onpage and offpage seo works. Its a time taking process and we need to really into this. Then make a strategy which is better than our competitors and then start attack them. I am damn sure within 2 months you will get a good result.

5. Paid Ads – 2020

I never prefer to do this technique in earlier because most of them are doing SEO work without any payments. But now the thing is completely changed and we need to do some paid ads in the starting point to get good visitors though. Please analyse your competitors first, if they doing paid ads then you have to start the same. But remember the paid ad visitors will not count in the Alexa Rank. Only organic visitors will give you the ranking in search engines. Once you do the paid ads then gradually you will get organic visitors. Its a process means the people will know about your website or blog via paid ads. The visitors who viewed your website will come future if they want.

SEO is not a single day program or work, its a ever ending work. Lots of things to do and need to delete some ideas and strategies then slowly your blog or website will be in the top position. If you are ready to wait then one day you will get the result. I will come with the new ideas of SEO strategies in the next blogs.


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