Retro Car Racing Games

If you enjoy retro car games, you’ll surely appreciate this Top Gear series. The game’s three difficulty levels made it fun for every type of gamer. The Service Area allowed players to repair or fine-tune any rally car. This game was available on Abandonware. Let us know what you think of retro car games in the comments section below. We’ll share our favorites with you! But what’s your favorite retro game?

Top Gear series

The first of the Retro car racing games from the Top Gear series was the Sega version, TopGear. While it is a sequel, it has little to do with the television series of the same name. It was created by Gremlin Graphics Software, and published by Vic Tokai under a license from Kemco. This version is far more challenging than the first, but has some impressive features.

Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off-Road

Do I need a personal injury lawyer? Not in Super Off-Road. A retro car racing game has its place in the video gaming history. This title was a huge hit on the arcade circuit, featuring a three-wheeled vehicle that allowed you to take on other drivers on a set number of laps. It featured nitro bursts and bonuses for winning and making the most passes, as well as bikini-clad girls and a taste of dirt. The game even included a nitro boost for your car, so you had to use it sparingly.

Colin McRae

You can play retro car racing games like Colin McRae in the arcade mode or the rally mode. There are many differences between these games, but they all have the same core gameplay. The arcade mode has six different circuits and supports multiplayer through a link cable. The game features a bitmap engine that displays tracks on the screen. The cars themselves are texture-mapped polygons. The rally mode is unique because it allows you to play as Colin McRae in his 2004 Nissan Pick-Up in six different rallies.


OutRun was one of the first arcade car racing games and is credited with inspiring many other video games. Its revolutionary graphics and gameplay made it one of the most popular games ever. In addition to its original arcade release, it has inspired many other retro car games, including Virtua Fighter and After Burner. Here are some of our favorite Outrun retro car games. Enjoy! [Update: OutRun is still available as a PC download!]


For those of us nostalgic for the 90s, the Retro car racing games stunts have been a part of our gaming history. We remember the glory days of this game that featured 3D graphics in primary colours and 640×480 resolution, and we can’t forget its track editor and physics engine. These games have survived the test of time and still have a loyal fanbase. We spoke to some of these fans to discover why they continue to play these games today.


This classic arcade game is the perfect choice for a retro gaming experience, and it has all the features you’d expect from one of the most popular genres of retro games. It offers numerous multiplayer and single player modes, and unique racing modes such as jamboree, return-the-flag, gate hunt, pathfinder, destruction zone, and championship. Despite its simple control scheme, 1nsane is a fun romp once you get started.