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The mobile apps have revolutionized the digital age and have brought everything on our fingertips; be it shopping, ticket booking, food order, or anything else. It has made it inevitable for a business to include a mobile app in their marketing strategy.

There is no doubt in the fact that for achieving app success, the mobile product and your brand reputation needs to be handled attentively. In general, mobile app reviews services are required to determine app visibility, boost conversion rates, guide purchasing behaviour, and to improve the product.

As per a study, about 63% of companies collect and implement the feedback received from the mobile app reviews. Hence, grabbing positive mobile app reviews have become a significant part while curating the plans.

Let’s deep dive into the factors that make mobile app reviews a crucial part of every app.

Why Are Mobile App Reviews Vital?

Nowadays, the growth of any business is directly related to the customers’ feedback and mobile app reviews can help your brand to attain trust and the required authority in the marketplace.

Check out the top reasons that make mobile app reviews a must:

1. Increase Conversion Rate

According to a study, apps with 4.5-5 rating attracts the highest number of reviews, which in turn gives the user a hope that the app is reliable can be trusted. Many of the users prefer to read app reviews before going for the download. Therefore, healthy app reviews significantly drive the conversion rate.

The following are the key factors that help you be a trusted brand:

  • Engage with the user who files negative feedback.
  • Always revert to a negative review.
  • Acknowledge the users who have regularly use the app and leaves positive reviews.
  1. Multiplies The App Revenue

The reviews left by the user on any app is an excellent insight that describes a lot and accordingly, the app owner can easily influence the purchasing behaviour of the app users. Once the users start to purchasing the services of an app, the revenue is bound to swell considerably.

In the last quarter of 2018, the global app revenue reached a staggering figure of $19.5 Billion, which represents a 16.9 percent year-over-year increase from the year-ago quarter.

  1. Determines App’s Visibility

When the app is launched, it remains invisible for a certain period. With the improvement in the app rank, the number of downloads also increases and to gain that ranking, it’s crucial to have higher total and positive reviews.

The other way to get a better ranking in the app store is to go for App store optimization (ASO). There are many guides on the ASO that can give the app the much-needed push.

  1. Improves The Product

Every app owner tries to roll out the best version of his app, still, there are many aspects that are lost in the extensive process of the mobile app development. Therefore, to fill that gap, getting an idea from the app reviews is a wise idea.

As per a survey, about 63% of companies duly consider their user reviews and implement the feedback accordingly. It also saves the app from getting negative reviews in the future.

  1. Support Community

Every app developer dream is to get good reviews and rating on the app store. It further paves the way for a strong support community. If an app has a community where the users can put forward their views, it will be remarkable for the app growth.


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