Uber Like App Development

Old ways of contacting the customer and connecting the driver to book a taxi service needs a lot of work and time. If you are a taxi owner and want to strengthen your business better than your counterparts, then it is essential to update technology into your existing business. Uber app has brought tremendous change in the taxi service industry.

Why an On-demand Uber-like Taxi App?

On-demand applications simplify the process of work and help entrepreneurs gain more profit with the accuracy of location-based services. An application can make the taxi service reach the customers better. Uber-like app development is helping the existing and budding entrepreneurs widely by providing the fully-functional on-demand apps for different kinds of business segments.

Salient Features

Uber-like taxi apps will have two different apps connected with a robust admin panel for proper functioning. There are a separate passenger app and a driver app with extensive features. For better service, the driver and passenger apps are connected with an admin panel. Admin panel tracks and controls both the applications.

Dispatcher Panel To Improve The Service

There is a separate dispatcher panel designed to assign, dispatch, and track drivers seamlessly. The dispatcher can register their contact details via social media accounts as per the admin’s direction. The dispatcher has to manage the riders requests such as pick up, ride destination, payment tracking, and so on. Further, the dispatcher tracks the trips made by the drivers and passengers and uses them for future reference.

Payment Regulations

Not only that, the application is built with a cashless system enabling to pay using Google Pay, credit, and debit cards. So, there is no need for carrying cash every time the customer has to take a ride. Additionally, promo codes can also be provided to the customers.

Up-to-date and advanced features

Since the Uber-like apps are basically being developed from the functionalities and features of industry-leading apps, the entrepreneurs should get the new and fully functional advanced module and features for the app. Some of the new features like tipping options, safety features, chat option with drivers and advanced dispute features are the basic need of the hour in the ride-hailing industry. You can only get these features and the regular up-to-date features with the ready-made app solutions.

Cost For Developing A Taxi App

The app charges apply for the development of the frontend, backend, and efficient design. Application developers are obtaining hourly payments from the clients. The cost varies from $20 to $100 for an hour. Approximately it needs about 180 to 200 hours to build an app like Uber. There is an additional increase in charge as per the demands for extra features. Ready-made solutions can help you create an app at a lower price than developing from scratch.

AppDupe designs and develops the app from the most robust Uber Clone in the market. Their clone application is,

  • 100% Customizable
  • Top-notch features
  • Adept developers
  • Cutting-edge development solutions
  • Continuous support and maintenance
  • Easy to deploy and highly scalable

With AppDupe, you can build a taxi app with top-notch features, state-of-the-art technologies, and more, at a modest price. Down below is the best and most transparent price ever!

Wrapping Up

AppDupe’s clone apps are flexible to customize anytime you want and are cost-effective compared to an app that has to be created from scratch. Their cost fits like a glove for your business requirements. Contact AppDupe to develop your Taxi clone app!


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