Taxi App Like Uber

Before understanding the technology stack behind the on-demand taxi solutions, entrepreneurs must know what exactly is the on-demand service. An on-demand service is where you will fulfill your customer’s needs and requirements immediately via instant access to goods and services.   

The same applies to the taxi industry. Uber, for example, offers on-demand service which enables customers to reach destinations by simple taps on mobile, right from booking to payment. Inspired by its kind of service, many app development companies started to help entrepreneurs to start a taxi app service by providing Uber clone solution at a reasonable price.

To provide an on-demand service, the organization must have seamless connectivity along with a lot of performance optimization. Without a resourceful technology solution, the on-demand offerings are tough. So, you must choose developers with the right tech stack knowledge to offer an effective taxi solution for your customers.

Mostly, all mobility solutions require knowledge about the technology stack to work under a few categories like geolocation, push notifications, etc. which are explained further.


For any on-demand taxi app, location-based services are fundamental. This allows both the user and the driver to track each other’s locations easily i.e., right from picking up and sharing the pin location to the driver. This allows customers to track the real-time movement of the driver on the map. So, if you are building a location component for iOS app, then choose to work on the core location framework. Whereas, for Android, choose Google’s location APIs. For other navigation purposes, choose MapKit for iOS and Google Maps Android API for Android.


To notify the driver and passenger about the ride, the on-demand taxi solutions use various means like push notifications, SMS, and email. Make sure to keep your messages and alerts precise and to send them at the right time.

  • Push notifications:

Both text message and push notification must be configured. In the case of a push notification, Android uses Google cloud messaging and iOS uses Apple push notifications service. But in iOS, the user will not receive any notification if he/she is offline, unlike Google notification.

  • SMS

While in case of text message notification, Twilio is the market leader with clients like Uber, Netflix, Hulu, etc. You can also choose other cloud communication providers such as Neximo, Plivo, and Sinch.

Inter-app communication

App communication to its users should be seamless. Only when the inter-app communication is well-organized, the performance of the app will be high. Since communications take part in the cloud, the passenger can hire a taxi even if he stays offline. But a driver must always stay online, only then the passenger will easily track his location.

Inter-App communication occurs in different ways as given below,

  • To send or accept the booking request
  • To track the driver’s location
  • Pick up or drop off location
  • Chat and texting
  • Cancellation


Though there are cashless payment options for paying the fare, there are a few countries which don’t allow this option to pay. So, those countries introduced cash payment options and the split fare feature to settle the payment. For card payments, Braintree is the payment gateway used by Uber. So make sure to integrate the best for your customers in your Uber clone app.

Storage and infrastructure:

To provide the best storage and infrastructure make sure to have robust backend services. Use Git for software storages along with a complete ecosystem of resources so that your customers won’t find any difficulty.

To Conclude

Once you have acquired enough knowledge about the technologies that need to be integrated, approach your developing partner and discuss it with them. Opt for an Uber clone app, make sure to analyze the app in detail before adopting the model. Also, ensure to find a company that doesn’t charge you high for integrating new features. Try AppDupe, a leading mobile app developing company who could take care of your development process, economically.


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