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When it comes to the most popular open source content management system (CMS), Joomla has always been a top runner. Built on MVC framework and used in at least 2.7% of all the websites, it is surely one of the favorites. Perfect for small business, online magazines, government application and so on, this CMS came into existence in 2005. There are various contributory factors that make Joomla the second most favorite CMS.


Easy to use, Joomla offers the facilities of creating community as well as multilingual websites. This is surely a big advantage that all the users get from Joomla. Unlike other CMS, Joomla’s extension directory is much organized and it boasts on the built-in caching option and additional extension too. So, if you are using Joomla as your CMS, you are already in an advantageous position. Now, to get the best of it, you must speed it up. The speed of your website will have its impact on your ranking, traffic, conversion, and profit too. Before you hire Joomla developer, take a look at the following tips to know how you can speed it up.


Use the Latest Version

It is crucial to understand why you must run the latest version of the CMS, Joomla. The latest version is always updated and brings you fixes to improve the code and enhance the speed. To update Joomla core, click on “Update Now” or go to the “Components” to update it. If you want to update Joomla extensions, then go to “Extension” then click on “Manage” and “Update.”


Implement a Content Delivery Network

Do you want to decrease the loading time of your website? In that case, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and its implementation is the right way to do it. This way you will serve product images, JAVA and CSS from different location across the world and Joomla will deliver it faster to the visitors. Once the integration of KeyCDN in Joomla is done, it will immediately start delivering static content to a global network. The best part is, you don’t have to pay any extra fees either for any specific location.


Cache System

Unlike other CMS, Joomla has quite a powerful built-in cache system that can effectively increase the speed of your website. Cache helps you deliver pre-generated content while saving time that can be wasted by fetching from the database every time the user looks for a web page. You can enable cache in Joomla from Global Configuration as well as Plug-in and get the most of the cache system while your users enjoy a faster loading experience for your website.


Image Optimization

For any website, more than 50% of the weight of the page is of the image. So, if you are thinking of speeding up the website, compression of the image is necessary. Though there is no built-in option for image compression in Joomla, yet you can do it with the help of Joomla extension. An extension like Easy Image Resizer can effectively optimize the image so that it can help in speeding up the CMS. If you want to hire the experts from a reputed Joomla web development company, they can suggest you the extensions too.


So, now as you know about these tips, implement them in your planning. Or for more meticulous implementation, hire us, Digital concept, reputed Joomla Development Company. Visit https://www.digitalconcepts.in/ today for more details and a free site audit.


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