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If you’ve been into SEO, you’d know that time and time again has Google updated itself bearing certain changes every time. Such updates are common many times in a rear. Sometimes, there are certain targeted updates such as Panda, penguin and so on which target one particular behaviour and have a major impact on the ranking for search.

Our present article deals with one such update that happened very recently and what you can take from the update. The recent update is the June update. The update is also, the second one or this year. The update in itself deals with the best SEO Services.

On June 3rd, 2019; the pre-declared update became a reality. The original announcement was made via Twitter account, just the day before. The Update, says Google, does not require you to “fix” anything. In Google’s own words, “Sometimes, we make broad changes to our core algorithm. We inform about those because the actionable advice is that there is nothing, in particular, to “fix,” and we don’t want content owners to mistakenly try to change things that aren’t issues….” This is due to the fact that the update might not be targeting any particular type of the content which might be of a lower quantity.

However, this Update aims at improving the relevance of the subject matter of the content. Content quality when brought into question speaks of spam but relevance is all about understanding a particular content and about understanding search queries. What we’re trying to state is that updates such as the June update, seek to improve how Google can comprehend web pages and how Google can understand search queries.

Having said that, Google has been silent on whether the Penguin algorithm is a part of the core algorithm of Google. Penguin concerns itself with problems related to links. Now, what can we take from this update? Google’s advice through this update is all about relevance and to nothing to do about “fix”-in content. To ponder on what the update gives us are:

  •         Since there is nothing to amend or fix, it would only be just to stay tuned and wait for any new updates prior to having formed any conclusion or remarks about the update. (P.S. many times Google updates bounce around in a period of a week to ten days)
  •         The Broad Core Updates of Google do not aim towards particular niches. In fact, Google’s John Mueller has established that the improperly-named update termed, “Medic” did not aim at picking on health associated sites. This quite proper for the term, “ broad core algorithm update”. The meaning of the term “broad” is related with that which has a wider scope. If you’re calling something “a broad core update”, it should definitely not target one or more particular niche or niches. If you do, you’d be most likely mistaken.
  •         This broad core update is to be referred to for relevance. The excellence of one particular Site quality for all time remains significant. But it’s not the one and only focus of this algorithm. Moreover, you need to to keep in mind that June Update is a broad core update and not merely an update on the site’s quality.
  •         In case you are trying to find out why your website is not positioning well, don’t move toward it from the point of sentencing that there is something to fix. rather, it might be more useful if you ask yourself why your site is not being viewed by Google as a relevant one anymore.

To conclude, at times, one should be all the more dynamic to speculate less about what is wrong with the site. It possibly will be more useful to compare what is more relevant about the websites which have a better ranking.


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