Why Is Proper Sleep Good For Your Health?

Why is proper sleep good for your health?

Enjoying a deep and restful sleep is one of the pillars of good health and a balanced diet and regular exercise.

sleep well

Sleep is a physiological state that involves inactivity, and a relative decrease in consciousness, a vital function without which we could not live.

Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly. In quantity and quality, and appropriate rest allows our body to replenish energy, control stress, and keep a proper state of mind to meet today’s demands.

Also, people with adreamdeep and uninterrupted experience lower high blood pressure rates, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases, so the importance of sleeping the necessary hours and sufficient quality is vital to prevent diseases and achieve a better quality of life.

Is my sleep quality?

There are three indicators of good sleep quality :

– The duration. The length of sleep should be long enough to keep you rested and alert the next day.

– Continuity. Sleep cycles must be followed without interruption.

– Depth. Sleep should be deep enough to be refreshing and stimulating.

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Sleep hygiene

Some rules must be followed to achieve a restful sleep in adults:

– Establish a regular bedtime and wake-up time.

– If you have the habit of doing Naps, it must last more than 45 minutes.

– Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking 4 hours before going to bed.

– Avoid taking caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.

– Avoid spicy, fat, or sugary foods 4 hours before going to bed.

– Perform regular exercise, but never just before bedtime.

– Have the bedroom a suitable temperature and keep the room well ventilated.

– Eliminate noise and light from the room as much as possible.

– Use the bedroom only for sleeping and sex. Could you not use it as a workspace?

What habits should children have?

In children, it is also essential to have good bedtime habits:

– Go to bed every night before the same time, better before nine at night.

– Maintain age-appropriate nap times.

– Establish a routine before bed.

– Make the room a suitable place for sleep: cold, dark, and quiet.

– Encourage children to be autonomous at bedtime.

– Avoid exposure to bright light before sleep time and at night, and increase exposure to light during the morning.

– Avoid heavy meals and excessive activity close to bedtime.

– Keep electronic devices out of the room and limit their use close to bedtime.

– Avoid drinking cola or caffeine drinks.

– Maintain regular hours throughout the day, especially at mealtimes.

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Ten tips for a good night’s sleep

Is it difficult for you to fall into the arms of Morpheus? Here are tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Follow these tips

1- It is essential to have the right mattress. How to choose it? The factors you should consider are; the posture you have when resting, the weight (if it is high, you will need one that is firm and offers you excellent support. Otherwise, you will sink). If you weigh little, you need a flexible one to adapt to your silhouette. If you move a lot while you sleep, use one that allows you to move. When the problem is heat, use one with springs, they are easier to ventilate. In cold places, foam, latex, or memory foam models store more heat.

2- The bedroom must be comfortable, well ventilated, isolated from noise and light.

3- Do exercise regularly; it helps you release tension and promotes rest. It is not advisable to exercise four hours before going to sleep; it has an activating effect.

4- Forget the mobile, the laptop; the bedroom should be a place of rest. If you want to fall asleep, try not to watch television, disconnect all electronic devices, and not use them for office work.

5- Take a bath with salts or an effervescent pump, enjoy the foam, as it will help you free your mind. To make it work, do it late in the day when you have everything ready and finished. Scented candles can also help.

6- Posture and clothing are other fundamental aspects for a good rest; adopting a correct posture and sleeping in loose clothing will help you fall asleep.

7- Do not take a nap, at most 15 or 20 minutes.

8- Avoid copious dinners too late. Please do not overdo it with fluids because they will continuously make you go to the bathroom and avoid foods such as ham, cheese, bacon, or tomato as they contain thiamine (a substance that stimulates the brain). Your allies? Milk, yogurts, banana … These foods contain tryptophan (a precursor to sleepiness) and will help you fall asleep.

9- Reading, like taking an infusion, will help you relax.

10- There scents that help you sleep like a baby. For example, lavender improves the quality of sleep. Also, jasmine has relaxing properties. Other options? The sandalwood is beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety, the smell of pink predisposes be happier, and orange blossom will provide welfare.



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