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Apple might have gone through a lot working on its software bugs and now the company has come up with all-new software, iOS 13. Released this fall, the very new version of Apple would cut down some of the old devices, as old as the ones from the last two generations. Yes, you heard that right. Apple is all set to make this big move. 

Of course, this might seem a bit unwary to the existing iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE and the iPhone 6 users. Considering the fact that these devices are still sold with iPhone 6 being the largest selling Apple devices, not being able to adhere to the current update would turn out the users. But it is not just the users who need to be concerned but also the developers. This move would definitely influence flutter development and the entire app development cycle. 

Whether this is some sort of drive upgrade tactics or just another Apple move remains sealed and there is nothing that we can probably do. 

Instead, we would here drift our focus on why should a developer to upgrade to iOS 13? 

Features Embedded In iOS 13

  • The Feature Of Dark Mode 

Using mobile phones in dim light is one of the major reasons why developers embed the feature of reducing the light. However, that isn’t as effective as the dark mode feature. Till the date, Apple devices were restricted to the former but after the release of iOS 13, users can now use the dark mode as a color scheme for your mobile screen and even native apps installed on your device. So, irrespective of the environment, they will always have an effective display on the screen. This is an excellent opportunity for you to upgrade your app and stay abreast of the ongoing enhancements.

  • Powerful Siri

Apple has now embedded a new voice in their software. The fact that they have used the technology of neural machine learning, the voice output of Siri is more powerful and clear as compared to the voice in the last version of the software. As announced by Apple in WWDC, the new Siri has a personalized touch and ability to have customized conversation giving it a natural feel. Integrating this feature in your flutter development would keep you one step ahead of their mobile app developers. 

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  • Integrating ArKit

Post the tremendous hype given to the AR-based game Pokemon Go, there has been a constant debate on the application of augmented reality in mobile apps. However, after the release of IOS 13, developers will now have a hand on the technology and can use the same in flutter development giving users a whole new interface in the developed app. Apple has integrated this with Siri and named it SiriKit. Using this kit, developers can embed features such as visual codes, lock screen, hands-free counting, VoIP calling, photo search or payment methods in their apps. 

  • Apple Pay 

In the app, purchases necessitate the need for third-party apps and raised the question on the developer’s trust. However, after the release of IOS 13, developers can now easily integrate Apple Pay in their apps. It is expected that the total pay through Apple would rise by 200%. Given the security layered by Apple for in-app payment, using Apple Pay would be an ideal option for ios app developers. 

  • Swift 5 

It has been two months since Apple released Swift 5. Though this is a standalone framework with IOS 13, the performance and features of Swift 5 would witness a boost. The software is compatible with Linux and so developers would not find it hard to merge it with their existing knowledge. 

  • Enhanced App Security

No wonder security has been one of the key drivers for Apple. Not a single device owned by Apple would lack the above but with IOS 13, this trait is further enhanced. The new version has the App Transport Security doomed necessary for all apps to run on the same. This adds another layer to security and makes the device and the app, future-ready. Additionally, Apple has narrowed down the communication channel in each app to a single user. 

  • Watch OS5 

iOS 13 has strong software support for Apple Watch. Considering the evergrowing popularity of smartwatch and the rising sale of Apple Watch, developers can vest in their time developing apps using the latest watch OS5 to give their business a rapid growth. With iOS 13, developers can include features such as Siri shortcuts, customized controls, and background app control. 

  • Enterprise Development

The software has just been out in the market in its beta version and the release is yet to hit the market. However, there are rumors suggesting iOS 13 to be a major platform to be used for flutter development.Given that the version is far more secured, technology-specific and expected to leverage user experience, using the same to develop apps would be a win-win situation not only for the app developers but also for the business-driven through such apps. 

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This is a major step as if developers are looking to be part of flutter development; they need to make sure that their apps fit in the legacy of iOS 13 and above. Not that the update is overpriced but there are reasons why people are shifting towards the same. It’s not hidden that Apple sales have dramatically fallen and now that they are cutting down on updates for previous models, it might boost their revenue. 

On the other hand, the benefits laid by the software would help developers to stay ahead of their competitors and build apps that align themselves with the market needs. And as far as flutter development is concerned, developers always have to keep themselves updated. 

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