Search Engine Optimization

Not getting enough leads from the SEO campaign? Flabbergasting why your website content stuck at the second page and you’re not getting the higher rankings? Here are some of the reasons why Search Engine Optimization does not work for you. Let us discuss some engenders below.

  • A long-term is an SEO. An increase in ranking is always shown immediately and expected to be seeing a sudden rise in SEO Services. A realistic expectation is very important for your campaign of SEO and it takes around four to six months to get started with desired results. Generally, this is true but you need to keep in mind when you started getting expected results and it grows over time.

How to fix: Watch the results from day one but don’t get flabbergasted if you didn’t see any movement for the first three to six months.

  • It is a fact that links viral on social media do not give the benefit of search engine optimization. But many reasons are there that make it beneficial for social media to be a part of SEO strategy and it comprises of increase in visibility, audience engagement, and more traffic. Thus, it has a significant impact on search engine rankings.

How to fix: Figure out the social media platforms that have more users whom you want to target and publish the content accordingly. Also, promote your posts on these websites to get more users.

  • A key SEO strategy is internal linking yet. It is helpful in two different manners such as assist the search engine to crawl the sites and also helpful for users to find the relevant as well as useful content. But most of the business firms do not understand the importance of internal linking and even did not make efforts to identify and connect with the relevant content on the website.

How to fix: While writing blog posts, make sure to put the anchor text on each blog and it links to at least two to three relevant blogs

  • While choosing the keywords, it is important to be realistic before targeting. If you are targeting the same thing what others are targeting and the words, as well as phrases, become more competitive, and then your site will never rank high on Search engines. It is only a thing related with time and with some higher budget moves and takes the peak spots in the SERPs.

How to fix: Opt for the phrase that gives a decent number of searches and also beat the competition. Use the relevant phrases to that of personal products and services.

  • Some broken links are not going to impact SEO. But the more part of this could have an impact on both the user experience as well as a ranking on search engines. If the user will face page 404 error every time, then the chances are more that they will likely leave the site then explore it again and again.

How to fix: You can take help from tools such as Screaming Frog’s SEO spider to identify and fix the broken links.

  • Page speed is another factor that is used by Google as an SEO strategy for desktop from several years. But the page speed is a factor that will again be implemented by Google in its next update of mobile-friendliness. This defines that a fast loading site is more significant as compared to others.

How to fix: You can use the Google page insight tool to check the speed of the website and how to improve it.

  • Checking out analytics will give you an idea about whether your analytics is working well or not as an SEO strategy. If you are not opting for this step, then you have missed an opportunity that can increase the traffic as well as rankings too.

How to Fix: Keep a regular check on the analytics to get the information related to traffic sources and conversions. Moreover, what drives traffic can also be important.

  • When a user visits your website ad read the entire blog, then some queries or questions arise in your mind that may lead to developing interaction with the potential users. But if you are not replying to those users, then it will be disappointing and you will not be going to fulfill your goals to be the best among users. Searches fall into three main categories such as navigational, informational and Transactional.

How to fix: If you want to gain traffic and increase the page views, then optimize all the informative as well as navigational queries. These are pretty easy and not at all costly. Transactional is good for commercial websites.

  • The optimization of short-tail keywords ere enticing as a large number of users searches for the same information. However, it is not tough to rank the site and they are some of the general queries that will never actually transform.

How to fix: Most of the users whom you are targeting are very specific and the target keywords comprise two to four words. Small keywords already appear in many blog posts and this will not that much interactive.


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