Z Fold Cards

Here is an interesting fact that we are pretty sure that you must have not known about – about 40% of tourists across the globe have been tempted to change their travel itinerary, after taking a look at a brochure. After that sinks in, let us understand that tourism is just one of the many industries wherein the usage of a brochure can make so much difference – which of course makes brochures such a powerful marketing tool. The truth of the matter is that the format allows large amounts of content to be effectively distributed in a manner that people cannot help but pay attention to it. Brochures – be it trifold or zfold card printing is actually a great medium to include detailed information in a manner that does not involve overpowering design – add to it the fact that they are fully customisable, that means there is actually no limit to how you really decide to employ them to use.

Of course, there are shorter formats of marketing things as well which can be attention-grabbing like the use of bottleneck collars that are used in the hospitality industry. However, that can only a short term impact and not the kind that will help a customer make or change his mind. The tricky part in all this, however, is thinking about how can you stand out when you are a part often rat race, where there are a lot of companies like yours, with similar services using the same promotional method of brochure printing.  Of course, going step by step in that direction would mean that your first start with great content, then eye-catching design and last but not the least high-quality brochure folding that makes all the difference in the finish.

Trifold Brochures Vs Z Fold Card Brochures: A Tri-Fold brochure is perhaps one of the most common styles of folding there is. In fact,

They are preferred so much since they provide marketing teams with 6 sections that can help them in strategically displaying all their relevant information. The sheet edges, since they’re folded towards the centre, one side is on top of the other, whilst opening up on opposite sides. The point of any successful brochure printing, be it trifold or Z fold card printing is to actually make customers want to continue reading, while at the same time, make every section of the brochure so engaging and rich, that they can captivate any sort of audience individually and independently as well.

So here are our best recommendations when thinking about a Tri-fold brochure design:

  • Using graphic elements to separate sections is a good idea, so you can try decorative lines or colour blocks to assist the reader.
  • Use a simple font, now this is a piece of advice applicable to Z fold card printing as well. Using a small font makes it easy to read even at a small size and complex fonts at the end of the day become too hard to read, which actually ends up ruining all the effect of your content.
  • Make sure that both the sides of your content design as your business logo – double the effect.
  • Always make sure that you leave enough bleeding and trimming space in your folder design like you would in a bottleneck collar. The folding line should never end up breaking your text, until and unless you feel like, the design of your brochure is such that it should ideally be read wide open.
  • Incorporating creative elements such as an interactive promotion or a QR code help in captivating your target audience even further hence, such a change is welcomed.

Now coming to the second half of the equation – Z fold card printing is the perfect brochure style for interactive graphics and charts and it too is folded into three parts. The difference, however, is that it opens the same way that an accordion does thus, offering more design flexibility since the complete sheet inevitably opens up once you unfold it. Hence the need for creating separate panels of content is not necessary. It can be as portable as possible, to the extent that it can even be designed compact enough to be stored in a key card holder.  For example, when you have to make leaflet cards, Z Fold Card Printing with allowing that design flexibility.

Here are our recommendations for the Z fold brochure design that you can incorporate in your brochures:

  • Since all your folding sides re the same in Z Fold card printing, you need to make smart use of the space so as to create an eye-catching design.
  • Make sure that your images are high resolution, which will help you in catching the customer’s attention.
  • Just as you would in Bottleneck collars, have your company’s logo and name on both sides.
  • Leave enough bleeding space as well as trimming space so that there is no loss of content.
  • Just as you would in a tri-fold brochure include an interactive promotion or a QR code in you Z fold card printing as well, so as to captivate your target audience.

Hence, depending upon your requirement, you can choose between tri-fold brochure printing or Z fold card printing. Of course in terms of portability Z fold cards are a better option to showcase graphics and organization charts, otherwise, for a quick perusal impact, tri-fold design can be your best bet as well.



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